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How It Works.

How It Works.

DNA Unpacked

Unlock the potential of your Instagram content, whether you’re looking to amplify your brand or monetize your influence.


Are you here to amplify or get amplified?

For Advertisers.


Step 01.

Initiate Your Campaign.

Choose your campaign’s goal, focusing on amplification or targeted impressions to showcase your brand or product.

Step 02.

Hyper-Target Your Audience.

Define the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your ideal audience to ensure your content reaches the right viewers.


Step 03.

Set Your Budget.

Determine the cost of your campaign by setting a price for each view or impression, aligning with your marketing budget.

Step 04.

Launch & Monitor.

Watch as your campaign goes live, monitoring its performance and engagement in real-time to optimize and adapt.


For Creators.


Step 01.

Access the Offer Wall.

Explore a selection of campaigns that align with your audience’s interests and your content style.

Step 02.

Promote & Share.

Become the billboard. Integrate chosen campaigns into your Instagram content, whether through posts, stories, or reels.


Step 03.

Earn & Grow.

Get compensated for every impression or view your shared content generates, leveraging our tools to further grow your audience and engagement.

Step 04.

Engage & Collaborate.

Connect with advertisers directly on DNA, discussing, negotiating, and establishing long-term collaborations.


Our Commitment to You.

Transparency First.

At DNA, we believe in clear, fair pricing. Advertisers are charged a straightforward fee, with 10% taken from the ad spend, ensuring creators receive their dues without deductions. Trust is paramount, with funds securely held in escrow until payout.


Get Started with DNA.

Transform your Instagram experience today. Whether you aim to elevate your brand’s visibility or monetize your creative content, DNA is your pathway to success.