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How It Works.

How It Works.

DNA Unpacked: From Campaigns to Payouts.

Experience the new frontier of content promotion. Here’s how.


Are you here to amplify or get amplified?

For Advertisers.


Step 01.

Initiate Your Campaign.

Bring your content alive. Define your campaign type – be it for amplification or impressions.

Step 02.

Hyper-Target Your Audience.

Reach the right eyes and ears. Set specific demographics, interests, and more.


Step 03.

Set Your Budget.

Decide your campaign’s cost. Set your price per view or impression.

Step 04.

Launch & Monitor.

See your content take flight. Track real-time results and engagement metrics.


For Creators.


Step 01.

Access the Offer Wall.

Discover campaigns tailored for your audience. Pick ones you resonate with.

Step 02.

Promote & Share.

Become the billboard. Share selected campaigns on your platform.


Step 03.

Earn & Grow.

Get paid per impression or view. Plus, use our suite of tools to grow your audience and engagement.

Step 04.

Engage & Collaborate.

Forge connections with advertisers. Discuss, negotiate, and more – all within DNA.


Our Commitment to You.

Transparency First.

10% off the top of advertiser ad spend, every time. Nothing from the creator. We’re committed to clear, fair pricing. Plus, with funds held in escrow, trust is never an issue.


Get Started with DNA.

Redefine your Instagram experience. Whether you’re a brand aiming for visibility or a creator seeking monetization – DNA is your solution.