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DNA for Instagram.

DNA for Instagram.

Bridging Genuine Content & Authentic Engagement.

We’re not just part of the conversation—we’re leading the revolution in how music and content are shared and enjoyed on Instagram


Our Story.

At DNA for Instagram, our inception was driven by a singular vision: to fundamentally change how Instagram serves artists, creators, and advertisers. We recognized an ecosystem brimming with potential yet hindered by disjointed methodologies. Our response was to forge a unified platform where content’s true value is realized and celebrated.


Our Partnership with Meta.

Enhanced Precision, Targeting & Insights.

Our path to transforming Instagram engagement and advertising led us to forge a landmark partnership with Meta. This alliance has granted us access to first-party data, enabling unmatched precision in targeting and insights.

For our users, this means campaigns that reach their intended audiences with unparalleled accuracy and creators who are compensated fairly for their influence.

Our Vision.

We’re on a mission to reconstruct the fabric of social media advertising. Our goal is to usher in an era of transparency, value, and authenticity, where the connection between creators and audiences is not just seen but felt.

Our Mission.

We empower every Instagram creator with the opportunity to monetize their content effectively. For advertisers, we offer a suite of tools designed for genuine engagement, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience.

Data Privacy.

Our Commitment.

DNA for Instagram is more than a platform; we are stewards of trust. Through our partnership with Meta, we’ve secured first-party data rights, enabling us to manage information with unparalleled transparency and adherence to global data protection standards. Your trust is a privilege we hold dear, and safeguarding it is our utmost priority.